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Yoga for Upper Back and Neck Workshop

Yoga for Upper Back and Neck Workshop The at Open Space Yoga was a great success! We had 15 students join us for an afternoon to learn about strategies to relieve upper back and neck pain as well as what causes it. Our next workshop will be for anyone suffering from shoulder pain or [...]

Aktiv Coast Healthcare Chiropractic July Newsletter

Aktiv Coast Healthcare Chiropractic July Newsletter Lots to talk about this month with the highlight being our new Registered Massage Therapist, Cynthia Beatch starting her new practice here in Tsawwassen. All of that and more in our July newsletter

Running Exercises on our YouTube Channel!

Running Exercises on our YouTube Channel! For those of you looking for some great exercises to help prevent injuries and help you run faster we have started a running exercise playlist on youtube! Click on the videos below to watch and be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Skiing Injuries – Aktiv Coast Healthcare, Tsawwassen, BC

Skiing Injuries - Aktiv Coast Healthcare, Tsawwassen, BC Suffering from knee pain while out on the mountain? If you ski long enough the chances are that yourself or someone you know will have a painful injury to this area of the body. The ligaments and capsule of the knee joint will only support the [...]

Running Mechanics – Part 4

Running Mechanics - Part 4 On my last post I finished by discussing a few common postural faults in running technique that may be caused by tightness and weakness around the hip. I finished by discussing the importance of leaning forward over the ankles in mid-stance to draw on the power of the glutes [...]

Running Mechanics – Part 3

Running Mechanics - Part 3 Having an understanding of knee, hip, and ankle mechanics will help you to run faster and prevent injury. As I spoke about in the last two previous posts there are two main phases of running gait. There is the swing phase, which takes place as the leg is lifted [...]

Running Mechanics – Part 2

Running Mechanics - Part 2 In my last post I starting speaking about the two main phases of gait which are the stance and swing phases. In this post I'll discuss the different phases of the stance phase to give a reference as to what is going on with regards to the foot, ankle, [...]

Running Mechanics – Part 1

Running Mechanics - Part 1 Having just signed up for the 2013 Toronto Waterfront Marathon I decided to spend the next month making blog posts on various running related topics. Subjects I'd like to discuss include run mechanics and form, effects of various shoe types on injury rates, stretching programs for runners, weight training [...]

Staying Pain Free at the Office

Staying Pain Free at the Office There is no single best sitting posture over a long duration.  A variety of postures with regular scheduled breaks will prevent tissue overload and injury. Tips on Workstation Set Up: Do Not Reach!  Keep the most frequently used objects close to the keyboard and monitor (ie.mouse/phone); less frequently [...]

Running Form Basics

Running Form Basics Running form mechanics, or gait mechanics is an extremely important component of running efficiency and performance, but also in the prevention of running injuries. Running is essentially controlled falling and it is distinct from walking in that at any given moment only a single leg will be in contact with the [...]